The Company Teatro del Silencio, which brings together actors, dancers, musicians, acrobats and plastic artists, was created in Santiago de Chile in 1989. From its foundation, the Company directed its searches to a theater of the gesture and the emotion which unites the mime, the dance and the music.

This theatrical prejudice allowed him to reach a wide public. Men, women and children of cultures, histories and different languages appreciated the originality of this theatrical "language" which allowed them to travel in the time and the space, without barriers or borders. With the Teatro del Silencio, they liked first of all the life of the migrants who populated America, "Transfusión" (1990) and for the history of the popular fights of Chicago at the origin of May 1st, "Ocho Horas" (1991).

On the occasion of the centenary of Arthur Rimbaud's death, Teatro del Silencio creates "Malasangre, o las Mil y Unas Noches del Poeta 1001" ("Bad blood, or 1001 nights of the poet" on 1991), a work which stages the tempestuous life of the french poet Arthur Rimbaud. This spectacle met such a success as it will be presented in front of more than hundred thousand spectators in Chile then in Latin America, on the initiative of the most important festivals of the continent.

From 1992, Teatro del Silencio will participate in numerous festivals summer in France. This tour will meet an echo such as during three years, "Malasangre" will be presented for numerous public of France but also, big part of the European Union, in North Africa as well as through the big South American festivals, in alternation with a new creation, "Taca Taca, mon amour" (1993). Contemporary vision of the crucial events which succeeded one another in Europe throughout the first part of this century; the action takes place inside a huge table football.

In 1995, Mauricio Celedon settles down in France and is confided the stage setting of "Candides" (a free interpretation of the famous text of Voltaire) for the Cirque Baroque.

In 1996, he stages "La Locomotive", a work by André Gintzburger at the Theater of Ranelagh in Paris.

In 1997, Teatro del Silencio creates "Nanaqui - Dossier N° 262 602 – L'Homme qui se dit poète", a pantomime of rock and fury, a spectacle of theater-circus dedicated to Antonin Artaud that will be presented from 1997 till 2008, in Chile, in France, in Spain, in Poland and in Germany.

From 1989 till 1997, the creations of the Teatro del Silencio were realized in Chile with the support of the Chilean Government: Cultural Division of the Ministry of the Education, Cultural Direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DIRAC) and Municipalities of Santiago and Valparaiso and with the support of the French Government: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Chilean-French Institute of Culture, AFAA, DAI).

The 1999 marks a decisive step in the evolution of the Company. Teatro del Silencio becomes established in France, in Aurillac, thanks to the double support of the Ministry for the Arts and Communications / Regional Direction of the Cultural Affairs of Auvergne and the City of Aurillac. Teatro del Silencio will work in Aurillac during nine years (1999/2007). A residence that have allowed the Company to develop in very good conditions its researches and works.

It is in Auvergne where Mauricio Celedon will create "DoberMan", according to Jean - Yves Picq's texts, with the Athra company from Clermont Ferrand. The same year Teatro del Silencio will create "Alice Underground", a spectacle of theater-circus inspired by Lewis Carroll's work. "Alice Underground" will be presented in Europe and in Latin America during four years.

It is as well since 1999, as numerous collaborations as director or artistic adviser will bring the artistic director of the Company to participate in diverse projects of creation in Europe. He realizes, in 1999, the stage setting of "Palabra de Angel" for the Spanish Company Karlik Danza Teatro and in 2002, that of "Amloii o como lo dijo Hamlet" for the Spanish Companies Karlik Danza Teatro and Samarkanda Teatro. He collaborates as choreographer with the French Companies Metalovoice or Générik Vapeur and in Spain with the Company Aran Dramatica and the Internacional Festival of Theater of Mérida.

Within the framework of his setting-up to Aurillac, in Auvergne, the director of the Teatro del Silencio and the Company give numerous training courses of gesture theater and circus for professionals, students and amateurs and participate in diverse events as the "Festivities of the Year 2000" either still, in association with the Theater of Aurillac, the "Cartes Blanches to Mauricio Celedon", which over several weeks propose at the same moment public rehearsals, exhibitions of painting, spectacles and concerts.

In 2003 is born new circus creation, "O Divina Commedia - Inferno" created in Aurillac. Inspired by the Dante's famous work Divine Comedy, the Company wishes, through a decoration playing on several spaces, to pursue its new collection, that of the theater-circus, already engaged in "Alice Underground". The evolution of its searches leads the Company in this last creation to confront with the text and with the new dimension, that of a physical theater, a theater-circus associated with the word.

In 2003 and in 2004, Teatro del Silencio realizes the project "Dante ou La Divine Comédie de la Rue ", with the support of the "Program Culture 2000 - Education and Culture" of the European Community. This project articulated around Dante's Divine Comedy, major work of the European literature, aiming at establishing of new and durable relations of creation with a set of cities and European territories and with their population, by developing a creative relation with the citizens and the artists of various generations in France, in Italy, in Spain and in Poland. This program has united artists, populations, cultural structures of four countries, in workshops, artistic research residences, creations of spectacles, steered by Mauricio Celedon, with the complicity of the members of his Company.
A project realized in partnership with the Association Eclat / International Festival of Street theater of Aurillac, the City of Aurillac and its Theater, the Inteatro of Polverigi festival in Italy, the Cultural Department of the Region of Extremadura in Spain and the Spanish Companies Karlik Danza and Aran Dramática, the International Festival of Theater Malta and the Company Polish Dance Theatre of Poznan, in Poland.

In February, 2004, Teatro del Silencio inaugurates the new Theater of Aurillac with "Amloii o como lo dijo Hamlet" and creates in this occasion, with comedians stemming from companies of amateur theater of Aurillac: "The  Büchner Case". A creation inspired by "Woyzeck" and other Georg Büchner's works.

In autumn 2004, Teatro del Silencio in cooperation with the Theater of Aurillac, proposes a new "Carte Blanche", a multidisciplinary programming including a presentation of works on Pablo Neruda: "Pablo, Pablo", the programming of several spectacles, an exhibition of painting and drawing and a free training course opened to the professionals and the amateurs of the alive spectacle.

In 2005, Teatro del Silencio in association with Karlik Danza Teatro (Spain) creates the second part of the triptych on Dante: "O Divina la commedia - Purgatorio - A Mother and her children in the Purgatory ". Inspired by two texts: "The Dante's Purgatory" and "Mother Courage and her children" of Brecht, the Purgatory will be presented from 2005 till 2007, in France, in Belgium, in Denmark, in Spain, in Ireland, in Brazil, in Chile, in Colombia, in Korea.

In 2007, Teatro del Silencio finishes the creation of its triptych "O Divina la Commedia" with: "Fragments de Paradis" and "Paraíso", two creations between street theater and inside theater which were born in spring and summer of 2007 and will be presented  till 2009, in France, in Poland, in Germany and in Chile. As expected in the original project, a ambulatory form of "Paraíso" was created in Valparaíso , in Chile, in December 2008. An urban intervention of 24hrs: " Valparaíso : From  dawn at dawn" under the artistic direction of Mauricio Celedon.

In 2009, Mauricio Celedon is invited by C. Taguet, director of the Baroque Circus to create the second act of a new circus-theatre play " The Beggar's Circus ".

In 2009/2010, on the occasion of the celebration of Charles Darwin's bicentenary, Teatro del Silencio  creates "Emma Darwin" a French-Chilean coproduction. A new production inspired by the life and work of Charles Darwin, see through the eyes of his wife Emma. It's an occult poem, a visual exploration of the great thinker's life, whose discoveries have shattered science, philosophy, religion and mankind... and continue to do so until today. A voyage that will take you to the very wild heart of Patagonia.

It is also in 2010, within the framework of the remembrance of bicentenary of the Chilean Republic and at the request of the International Festival of Theater Santiago A Mil that come back on stage  one of first creation of the Company : "Malasangre, o las Mil y Unas Noches del Poeta " ("Bad blood, or 1001 nights of the poet" on 1991), a work inspired on the tempestuous life of the french poet Arthur Rimbaud.

At the same time as it realizes its creation, during all these years, Teatro del Silencio gives, supervised by Mauricio Celedon, numerous theatrical training courses - Pantomime, gesture theater, theater and emotion, theater and circus, theater of the gesture and the texts - organized for students (school, theater classes) for amateurs and for professionals.

This initiatives and workshops will continue to be developed by the Company, in particular in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in partnership with The Espace Jacques Prévert / Theater of Aulnay-sous-Boish and the Cultural development Department of the City of Aulnay-sous-Bois.